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Does personality determine your retirement?

One of the interesting things we observe working with many downsizers, and evident at our recent events, is that retirement is not a one-size-fits- all. As part of your retirement journey it may be helpful to ask “what retirement personality am I?”

How does your personality determine your approach to retirement?

Identifying personality traits can often bring clarity to your retirement needs, and if you have a partner, a handy tool to see where you may differ and where perhaps adjustments and compromises may be needed in the planning process.

How do you approach the 2 critical downsize decisions – where do you want to live and how much money do you need in the bank?

Author Dave Hughes outlines eight retirement personality types, and although most people fall into several categories, it may help bring greater understanding as to what influences your plans.

the perpetual worker

The Perpetual Worker stays engaged in some pursuit that earns money. The motivators can vary from having a sense of purpose, to sense of accomplishment, to needing the money, to maintaining social contact.

the volunteer

The Volunteer is driven by a sense of giving back or contributing to society without monetary reward. This brings purpose and a sense accomplishment in a similar way to the Perpetual Worker.

the doting grandparent

The Doting Grandparent sees their family as their greatest priority. They choose to live close to children and grandchildren and happy to babysit. If financially able they may organise and fund combined family holidays.

the traveller

The Traveller sees retirement as a time to explore, whether this be other parts of Australia or overseas.

the fun seeker

The Fun Seeker believes that it’s time to have fun having worked hard for so many years. Retirement is viewed as a permanent holiday filled with recreational activities and entertainment.

the decelerator

The Decelerator views retirement as a time to relax, live a life that’s stress free and leave responsibilities behind. Doing nothing is far more appealing than a day filled with activity.

the self-actualiser

The Self-Actualiser is looking to do what they have always wanted to do but not had the chance in their working life. Retirement is seen as a time of reinventing themselves and seeking fulfilment.

the life long learner

The Life Long Learner wants to stay engaged with the world, and often takes classes on areas of interest. Travel is seen as an opportunity to experience historic places, or to discover new places and cultures.

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